We bring in high quality products from the culturally rich parts of the globe such as India, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. Our home interior decoration products will give your home a unique and distinctive look. HomeSouk also presents a jewellery & accessories collection - Identity, which relies on traditional arts to accentuate your personal style.

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“Home Souk” is a single destination that aims to bring in and celebrate the work of the local craftsmen and artists from the culturally rich parts of the globe such as India, Europe and the Middle East. We strive to provide you with high quality products that give your home that unique look and meet needs ranging from home accessories to décor and furnishings. Products include cushion covers, dining linen, lavish bath linen, decorative lanterns, curtain accessories, candle stands etc., each offering a distinct style or theme.

An architect by heart and education, I always wanted to find my true passion, which I knew would have to be something to do with aesthetics of living spaces. Now a full time mom of a beautiful baby, I decided to carve out my own little furnishing design store that will house the best of artifacts embracing the rich heritage of these places.

I have always felt connected to art and loved beautiful things for the home. Living in Singapore, I personally found a big challenge in finding things that can create a culturally rich and aesthetic home. HomeSouk is a manifestation of my inspiration, of bringing together elements that will help create truly elegant homes.

Our jewellery & accessories collection - Identity, builds upon the same passion and presents a selective set of beautiful Turkish, Central Asian and Indian products for the women we are. There is a story and an inspiration behind every womans’ favorite piece of jewellery or accessory, and we look forward to sharing these stories with you.

I hope you enjoy exploring these collections as much as I have enjoyed procuring them.
Manisha Singh

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Urban Bold - Celebrating unique jewellery art of Turkmen Craftsmen

August 30, 2017

One look at a piece of Turkmen jewellery and you feel mesmerized! Each of the designs symbolise a deep rooted tradition, ancestral stories and connections. The beauty of this jewellery engages the imagination – as well as a curiosity to know exactly how the piece of art originated. Read on and find out how this jewellery is a treat for the eyes and a delight for the soul. While the boldness is the hallmark of this jewellery, many nuances distinguish the varied origins of the individual pieces. The unique craftsmen work captured my heart instantly and now form the core of HomeSouks’ Identity business collection. Bold stones embedded in traditional patterns bring grace and fluidity to the jewellery. Much of... Continue Reading →

Simple Makeover Bathroom Accessories

August 22, 2017

Bathrooms are often the most overlooked rooms in a home when it comes to designing the interiors of this particular space. It is the small personal touches that make a difference Soap dispensers - with interesting styles or material can both look good and add that aesthetic appeal Linen baskets - the perfect way to store bathroom linen, including towels. It doesn't matter if it's a wicker basket or a plastic bin, whatever you choose should make your bathroom feel like home!  Silver Trays - Sounds unconventional, but it can serve to be both a decorative and practical accessory Sometimes all it needs is to feature some minor unusual accessories and accent features. These small details can change the atmosphere and the décor... Continue Reading →

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