Ellie's Art (Currently Available in Singapore)

We at HomeSouk believe that great design and art has high emotional significance for the artist, designer, craftsman and for the end customer whom truly appreciates art. HomeSouk strives to curate great design works that demonstrate thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

Meet our artist - Eleftheria Lasthiotaki

About the Artist

Elile studied history of Art, History and Archaeology at University and had the chance to familiarise with the works of artists from renaissance to modern times. Parallel to her studies she immersed herself into studying foreign and ancient languages and pursued a career in Education.

Ellie started painting from an inner desire to self express. She has been engaging with various art studios and workshops (NAFA, Art space, Patricia Cabaleiro Studio etc) . Her favourite medium is painting with acrylics on canvas, sometimes adding mixed media and gold leaf.

Ellie is a passionate artist who strives to balance her artistic ambitions, her core career and family. When not painting in her home studio, Ellie is a busy mother and wife, taking care of her scientist husband,  three children and she is teaching Ancient Greek as a lecturer at YALE NUS.

At the same time her love for dancing, especially Argentine Tango and practicing yoga inspire a lot of her works and freshen her soul. Finding the underlying beauty around us, in nature, in people, in one’s imagination is her sincere motto in life and in painting. The heart of her design philosophy lies in the need to capture and reflect what goes beneath the surface, experiences that emotionally and visually strike her interests.

Originating from beautiful Greece, her countryside influences, although not immediately apparent are revealed by her yellows and blues, which can only be found in the mesmerizing sun and heavenly beaches in her hometown in Crete.

A lot of her paintings are in private collections in Singapore and abroad. She has had solo and group exhibitions and has been finalist in art competitions.