For the women you are

“Identity” encompasses the essence of a woman’s identity through her jewellery and accessories, along with the personal values associated with her treasured pieces.

This emotive theme aims to showcase special jewellery and accessories originating from unique cultures prevailing in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.The jewellery has a royal and ethnic look, Turkish handmade jewelry and some highlighting semi-precious stones, like turquoise and cornelians. Each of these pieces is a masterpiece, with intricate work and gold or silver finish.

The Turkish Jewellery is handcrafted, combining the flavor from the Ottoman past and is relished with a contemporary edge. The semi-precious stones used in some, can form a compelling contrast to the delicate fabrics used in fashion, making this jewelry a desired accessory to compliment any outfit.

The Central Asian Jewellery originates from the nomadic Turkoman tribes of Central Asia. Turkomans have the most graceful jewelry and ornaments in Asia’s heartland. This jewellery is known for its vibrant energy, exuberant designs, and flamboyant spirit. It is alive with color and embellishments. This jewellery is especially popular for semi-formal or daily wear, combining the vitality of multiple cultures and traditions.

There is a story and an inspiration behind every womans’ favorite piece of jewellery or accessory, and we look forward to sharing these stories with you.